Oceanit is a ‘Mind to Market’ company, founded in Hawai’i. Since 1985, Oceanit has built a world-class reputation for developing and migrating fundamental science to real-world application.

Oceanit practices Intellectual Anarchy to blend interdisciplinary science, technology, engineering, and innovative thinking to benefit our global community. Through spin-outs, co-development partnerships, licensing, and direct manufacturing, Oceanit is able to deliver solutions to market. Oceanit calls this  ‘Mind-to-Market’; delivering deep science to disruptive, real-world breakthroughs.

Oceanit practices a methodology that we call ‘Intellectual Anarchy’ to break down silos and break through group think.

With headquarters in Honolulu, we employ over 160 scientists & engineers in Hawai’i, California, Texas, and Washington, D.C and have built our culture upon values of Ohana, Curiosity, and Community.

We encourage inquisitiveness and are committed to pursuing responsible solutions to the world’s most difficult problems.  Our culture values diverse teams with an elusive blend of people, expertises, technologies, approaches, and geographies to address and tackle problems like no one else. Across Oceanit, you will find uncanny teams of experts like nano-technologists, structural engineers, sustainability experts, and biochemists working alongside each other. No two teams at Oceanit are the same.

Empowering our teams to practice transdisciplinary thinking – with endless curiosity – allows for extraordinary problem solving across traditional boundaries. Originally founded as an engineering firm, Oceanit has grown to encompass scientists and engineers working in the fields of nanomaterials, sensors & communications, life sciences & medical, industrial products, artificial intelligence, energy, coastal sustainability, resilient cities, and space & defense.

Oceanit is re-imagining innovation, to break the bonds of ‘normal’ and solve the impossible

Our clients tell us we do the impossible. The question we get asked most often is, “how did you do that?!”

Delivering on the impossible is always challenging, but we are constantly curious. There are no ‘lanes’ to stay inside – egos, diplomas and attitudes are checked at the door.  We cross-pollinate so that our diverse curiosities lead us to breakthrough innovations that can then be driven from deep science to real-world applications.

Our ‘Mind to Market’ methodology works like this: We solve problems in many disciplines, based on “market pain.” Then, we start a user-engagement process to validate that we are delivering on what the people actually will use. As a last step, we initiate a process around delivery to market: delivering products via private equity financial spin-outs, co-development, partnerships, licensing, or direct manufacturing.

This open innovation environment, together with a methodical execution process, creates the ability to have both open innovation and the discipline to deliver results. Contact us to learn more.

Mind to Market

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Oceanit Houston

Oceanit has expanded our Houston, TX offices to serve as an operations center for pilot scale production and support of field deployments for a range of projects, products, and R&D in the Energy and Industrial sector. 

General info 

Located beside William P. Hobby Airport in southeast Houston, Oceanit’s new location is in close proximity to a nexus of collaborators, vendors and clients in sectors as diverse as energy, biomedical, aerospace, petrochemicals and more. Our scale-up manufacturing and pilot deployment facility covers over 6000 sq ft. and serves as a deploymentoriented facility that supports large scale experiments, pilot scale demonstrations, field operations support, and interfacing directly with clients and partners. Our facilities have infrastructure suitable for production, formulation, storage, and packaging of bulk materials and products, such as Scanite, Blast Ninja, HeatX, DragX, and SCIN.

Our Houston location is essential to supporting our projects with energy partners from the private sector, U.S. Department of Energy, NETL, NREL, and more.  The technical capabilities that are led out of this location provide support for various activities, including blasting and coating of industrial components, fabrication of custom designed test machinery, scale production of Oceanit’s proprietary meta-materials, and certified laboratory testing. ​  

With continued expansion planning, the facility currently is home to Oceanit’sPilot Scale Heat Transfer Technologies, Meta-Material Production setup, Electrospinning System, 3D printing facilities, and more. 

You can reach out Houston offices by calling +1 (713) 589-9665, or by contacting us using the form on the page linked below.

Work With Us

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From concept to implementation, if you need a product, solution, or process, Oceanit’s team of engineers, scientists, and designers applies insights forged from a multitude of disciplines to develop the right approach.



Oceanit’s research & development teams have institutional knowledge of many diverse industries, customers, and products. You need a partner who can look at things from an outsider’s perspective, analyze and understand your challenges, and can work with your teams to accelerate development and leverage the expertise and experience you already have in-house.



Sometimes you need specialized expertise that you can’t find anywhere else in order to advance your goals. We bring the right teams to bear on the really tough problems that nobody else has been able to solve.