ASSURE Rapid Point of Need Tests

ASSURE tests utilize breakthrough technology to screen for the presence of viruses in just minutes, with the simplicity of a common pregnancy test

ASSURE, Accelerated Sensor Solution for Urgent Response to Epidemics, is a novel approach to rapid, point-of-need testing for viruses. ASSURE test kits are built upon Oceanit’s TRIAD platform technology, leveraging AI-designed molecules that are engineered to enable virus testing as simple as a home pregnancy test.

ASSURE is a simple “saliva test” that screens for viruses without having to draw blood or swab high up in a person’s nasal passage. It has no special or complex equipment, and no training is required to use an ASSURE test kit. Additionally, it can provide virus test results within just minutes.

The test sticks that are similar to a home pregnancy test, are widely known as Lateral Flow Assays (LFA’s). They work by simply reacting to users’ saliva or other bodily fluid from the nose or throat and displaying control and positive/negative lines. A user spits into a collection tube or cup, where the sample is combined with a premixed combination of reactant. AI-engineered molecules in the reactant detect the presence of a specific virus and raise red lines if a test is positive.

Oceanit’s powerful AI can be tasked with designing the required molecular chemistry for a virus of choice, providing a “response” to the presence of the virus, by matching to that virus’s genomic code.

With ASSURE molecules, this can be done at room temperature: the test specimen (spit in a cup) doesn’t need to be processed through a time-consuming laboratory technique called polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, in which a machine cycles through several temperature changes to amplify genetic material.

Instead, after shaking for a few seconds to mix, the specimen is applied to the test stick and the reaction result occurs in just minutes. ASSURE tests are a simple, safe, reliable, and effective testing platform that enables affordable, rapid, highly specific testing.

ASSURE-19 is the variant currently being rapidly developed by Oceanit to specifically to detect the novel Covid-19 Coronavirus.

ASSURE-19 development involved the decoding of the Covid-19 virus genomic code, to custom build a response molecule for a specific protein within the Covid virus. Combined with nano particles of gold, the ASSURE-19 molecules find and latch on to these Covid proteins to raise a positive red flag in the presence of an infection.

ASSURE-19 is distinguished from other diagnostic tests (which require PCRs, lab technicians, and days to return results) and antibody tests, which sample a patient’s blood to show if a person has been exposed to the virus in the past.

Assure19 saliva test stick
COVID-19 rapid test development