The Emergency Pop-Up Phone & Power system (ePoP) decentralized communication infrastructure provides critical connectivity & power when traditional cellular and Internet services are down

Oceanit has developed the ePoP ‘Emergency Pop-Up Phone & Power’ system to enable users to make off-grid telephone calls, send text messages, and recharge mobile devices in times of major power outages and natural or manmade disasters.

ePoP is powered by photovoltaics and batteries which allow it to operate 24/7. ePoP creates a low-cost, decentralized communication infrastructure that allows users to keep communication flowing to improve public safety and security. As a system, ePoP consists of wireless mesh nodes, renewable power supply, and an app which connects users to anyone else who has the app on their smart device.

A key feature of this portable & rugged product is its ability to operate without an internet connection, cellular network, or functioning power grid. ePoP can provide an instant emergency communication in the absence of all three utilities. Networks of ePoP platforms can allow communications across wide areas such as urban areas, islands, and more.

ePoP empowers the average citizen during a total communication & power outage when traditional grid utilities are offline.

Key Features

  • Communicate when cellular and Internet services are down
  • Recharge phones and devices during power outages
  • Provides instant emergency communication and power network
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