Oceanit Inspecta™ is an integrated suite of tools designed to improve efficiency and assist with compliance and safety across multiple industries.

Inspecta™ replaces antiquated filing systems with a single, comprehensive, easily searchable database. Inspecta™ is a flexible, modular platform technology that can be used across multiple industries to document activities, generate reports, and track equipment or manpower. It can be customized to fit a customer’s requirements.

Major modules include mobile inspection management, audit tracking and enforcement, permitting, scheduling and time keeping, geographic information system integration, document management, maintenance and activity history, graphics and multi-media libraries, sensor integration, automated alarms, and data visualization and reporting. Inspecta™ has been deployed in a number of vertical markets, including environmental compliance, permitting, and enforcement; dam safety; inspection management; land asset management; and sensor integration and reporting.

Oceanit Inspecta™ exchanges hard-copy files, spreadsheets, videos, and photos into a single, searchable database allowing the ability to find information quickly and thoroughly. Inspecta™ also includes a mobile application to allow the entry of data into a handheld device in the field that is uploaded immediately to a command center.

  • Comprehensive, easily searchable database
  • Ability to upload real time data to a command center
  • App-based mobile application
  • Modular platform technology

Inspecta™ is being utilized by Oceanit’s Resilient & Sustainable Engineering (RiSE) team to support environmental engineering projects across the state of Hawaii.  Recently, the mobile app was used by the construction team working on four months of reconstruction at the Moanakai sea wall. The team used Inspecta™ to document daily repair work, track manpower and equipment, and develop reports for different parts of the reconstruction.

Oceanit’s Inspecta™ aids in the reconstruction of Moanakai seawall

The RiSE team will soon utilize Inspecta™ once again for a project to be started in 2021 at Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

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