Oceanit Inspecta™ is an integrated suite of tools designed to improve efficiency and assist with compliance and safety across multiple industries.

Inspecta™ replaces antiquated filing systems with one comprehensive, easily searchable database. Inspecta™ is a flexible, modular, platform technology that can be used across multiple industries and can be customized to fit a customer’s requirements.

Major modules include mobile inspection management, audit tracking and enforcement, permitting, scheduling and time keeping, geographic information system integration, document management, maintenance and activity history, graphics and multi-media libraries, sensor integration, automated alarms, and data visualization and reporting. Inspecta™ has been deployed in a number of vertical markets, including environmental compliance, permitting, and enforcement; dam safety; inspection management; land asset management; and sensor integration and reporting.

Oceanit Inspecta™ exchanges hardcopy files, spreadsheets, videos, and photos into a single, searchable database allowing the ability to find information quickly and thoroughly. Inspecta™ also includes a mobile application to allow the entry of data into a handheld device in the field that is uploaded immediately to a command center.

  • Comprehensive, easily searchable database
  • Ability to upload real time data to a command center
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