The Mobile Emergency Response and Command Interface (MERCI) was developed to allow emergency responders to make quick and accurate damage assessments following an emergency or disaster.

MERCI is a system developed by Oceanit for conducting and managing emergency damage assessments following a natural disaster. The MERCI system allows responders to collect multiple rich data types (e.g., text, photos, videos) and securely upload the information to a MERCI server where data can be analyzed at an emergency operations center in real-time.

By using commercial, off-the-shelf mobile devices to complete forms, procure photographs and video, and add global positioning system location, data & information is made available immediately through MERCI. Backend command & control functionality provides centralization of data at a consolidated emergency operations center. MERCI is lightweight, highly configurable, and can integrate with other enterprise systems.

  • Uses existing damage assessment forms or creates custom forms to fit special requirements
  • Links geo-referenced photographs, videos, and assessments
  • Auto-populates data fields for property revisits
  • Contains built in reports and queries to calculate real-time damage estimates
  • Map interface visually displays different types of assessments and the spatial distribution of damage
  • Improves resource allocation and route planning
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