Brennecke Beach

In September 1992, Hurricane Iniki caused severe erosion of Brennecke Beach near Po’ipu Beach on the island of Kaua’i. Despite beach nourishment efforts, the beach continued to erode, threatening to damage the coastal roadway and the low-lying land beyond the road. The exposure of an old masonry seawall at the west end of the sandy beach was believed to be partially responsible for the slow recovery of the beach, via undesirable wave reflection.The natural recovery of the beach was hampered, and hazardous conditions for beachgoers were created. In addition, Hoone Road, which borders the beach, was threatened by beach erosion.

In response to the threatening conditions, Oceanit devised a shore protection and restoration plan for Brennecke Beach. An old cement seawall was removed to create more beach area for recreation and improve the wave patterns to allow the sand to move to the beach instead of being swept away. Several truckloads of clean sand were also brought to the site to speed up the natural recovery. Next to Hoone Road, a 250-foot-long revetment wall was constructed with part of the revetment buried beneath the sand to allow visibility of only the new rock wall beside the road.