What if machine learning can augment our capabilities while striving to achieve true, universal artificial intelligence? We apply state of the art neural network approaches to difficult data problems while working on the next generation of anthronoetic AI.

Oceanit applies a range of cutting edge techniques in ML to solve outstanding problems in industries such as shipping & logistics, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, bioinformatics, optics, and many others. We have also developed focused educational programs to help teach the fundamentals of AI.


Oceanit’s approach to Machine Learning is a highly adaptable, accurate, and advanced process that uses neural nets, high-performance computing, and big data to infer answers to critical strategic, societal, and scientific questions—even in cases of crisis, such as our ‘IoView emergency response platform.

Oceanit’s passion for developing computer science education in Hawai’i has led us to develop the Aloha AI Network, a collaborative infrastructure/service for students to use as they learn the fundamentals of machine learning, deep learning neural networks, and computer vision. Aloha AI consists of three parts: Toolbox “edge” hardware devices that are set up locally, in-depth training and eLearning tools from Oceanit experts, and cloud platform services to process captured data in a shareable, collaborative way.

Once thought to be impossible beyond a conceptual level, our Anthronetic (human-like) cognitive engine NoME uses a linguistics-centric approach to make the most “human-like” AI possible, allowing a deeper understanding of the “why” behind logical processes. Explanatory AI for the next general of AUI.