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Oceanit Displaying Innovative Technologies at Hawai’i Tourism Conference Tech Hub

Travelers today are seeking the next great adventure. With the travel industry numbers continuing to grow, the 2016 Hawai‘i Tourism Conference is highlighting innovators who are changing the face of tourism, marketing, and traveler experiences by leveraging advancements in technology.Read more
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Oceanit’s Engineered Reef Units are Addressing Climate Change Resilience

In an evolving world where coastal sustainability is becoming more critical, artificial reefs (man-made submerged structural environments) are key to creating new habitats; ecosystems; and species diversity for various marine life, including fish, lobster, corals, and other aquatic creatures. TheyRead more

Oceanit’s Inspecta™ aids in the reconstruction of Moanakai seawall

The Moanakai seawall required reconstruction after 20 years of erosion, when gaping sinkholes and areas of damage along the structure became a safety issue for the public. Many local families and visitors alike frequent this area of the coast, also

Read more

Oceanit’s Dr. Mike Foley Elected to Community Board to Protect Hawaii’s Beaches

Preserving the beaches in Hawaii is vital to the strength of the State’s tourism industry. Dr. Mike Foley, a coastal engineer at Oceanit, was recently elected to the Hawaii Shore & Beach Preservation Association (HSBPA) Board of Directors. As anRead more
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Protecting the Kauai Shoreline at Pono Kai

When Hurricane Iniki struck the island of Kauai in 1992, it brought wind gusts topping 230 mph and wave heights of over 20 feet. As a result, the rock seawall fronting Pono Kai Resort was extensively damaged and rebuilt theRead more

Remembering John Pina Craven

The Oceanit community was deeply saddened to hear that John Pina Craven, one of the country’s premier ocean engineers, passed away on 12 February in Honolulu, at age 90. As the man dubbed the “mad genius from the bottom ofRead more