The 2023 EDGE Technology Showcase is a Wrap

EDGE Technology Showcase 2023: Delivering the Future

On May 2nd, 2023, Oceanit's Technology Showcase is returning to Houston, hosted at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum beside Houston's Hobby Airport.

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Oceanit at the 13th Hawaii Geek Meet

Events, Technology

Oceanit innovators Chris Tugman and Jeffrey Chen attended the 13th Hawaii Geek Meet last weekend to mingle with other science, technology, and innovation enthusiasts and show off some of the work being done at Oceanit by our 19°N cooling tech…

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HBMF 2022 | Biomimicry in the Brazilian Amazon: How animals’ Scales, Beaks, Fins, and Wings Inspire Manmade Innovations

On Thursday, October 13th at 4:00pm Hawaii Time, Oceanit's Tarah Sullivan Suiter will host a HBMF Innovation Session conversation with Dr. Marc Meyers, a pioneer of biomimicry, engineering tech solutions based on natural structures.

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IN THE NEWS | What School Could Be on Hawaii Public Radio

In the News, STEM

Honolulu, HI – September 28, 2022 | On Friday, Hawaii Public Radio’s Bytemarks Cafe program welcomed a panel of educators and innovators, including Oceanit’s Technology Sherpa, Ian Kitajima, to discuss the future of education in Hawaii and America. Ian was…

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