dragx presentation

Oceanit launches DragX, a Revolutionary Nanocomposite Pipeline Treatment

March 1st | Houston, TX - Oceanit hosted more than 60 experts from the pipeline industry for the launch of DragX, our novel nanocomposite pipeline surface treatment technology. More than 60 subject matter experts from the energy industry, the EnvironmentalRead more
patrick sullivan collaborative co development1

IN THE NEWS | Partnership Yields Disruptive Technologies

Founder and CEO Dr. Patrick K. Sullivan discusses Oceanit’s corporate co-development project with Shell that was successfully deployed onshore in Pennsylvania and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

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fast tracking technology development

IN THE NEWS | Fast-tracking Technology Development Improves Sonic Cement Evaluation Logs

Shell has utilized patented technology from Oceanit to improve its sonic cement evaluation logs.

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subsea bolt

National Academy of Science Examines Advanced Coatings to Solve Undersea Problem

The increasing failure of massive subsea bolts have created a mystery

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working with oceanit to improve opeartions at kahe power plant

IN THE NEWS | Improving Operations at Kahe Power Plant

What does a barnacle have to do with power generation in Hawai‘i? Oceanit has collaborated with Hawaiian Electric Companies to implement an innovative solution to battle the barnacles at Kahe Power Plant that in the long run can save customers

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scin treated pipes

SCIN – Technology to Increase the Strength of Pipelines in the Oil and Gas Industry

A new nanotechnology-based pipe surface treatment was debuted by Oceanit at the 2017 Exploration and Production Winter Standards Meeting in January. Held in Austin, Texas, the meeting highlighted developments and maintenance of state-of-the-art standards for the fabrication of pipe and

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inthenews 4

IN THE NEWS | R&D Program Seeks to Reduce Methane Emissions

The U.S. Department of Energy announced a natural gas infrastructure R&D program to enhance operational efficiency while reducing methane emissions in September 2016.

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Oceanit Joins PICS Consortium as it Accelerates Oil and Gas Activities

In December 2015, Oceanit became a member of the Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening (PICS) consortium. The industry leader in contractor prequalification and auditing services, PICS is a global contractor management consortium committed to improving health, safety, and quality. Oceanit willRead more

Oceanit Brings Technology from Mind to Market at 2015 Offshore Technology Conference

Attendance at the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) at NRG Park in Houston, Texas, recorded the sixth-largest attendance in OTC’s 47-year history. The sold-out exhibition was the largest in conference history with exhibitors from 37 countries. The three-day event included 11Read more