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Oceanit is proud to unveil a new all-sky infrared camera, known as MAMBA. By continually and simultaneously monitoring atmospheric conditions, the camera enables astronomy equipment to do extraordinary work.

MAMBA (Meteorological Atmospheric Measurement Bolometer Array) is a third-generation design with improved sky coverage, resolution, and noise properties that is able to infer atmospheric transmittance to within a few percent. The all-sky camera combines an equiresolution optical design with a thermal detector and in-field blackbody calibration sources to provide uniform sensitivity and radiometric accuracy across the sky at relatively low price point. This system combines a next generation thermal all-sky camera, a weather station, and a neural net trained on historic Radiosonde profiles. Information is driven to the cloud and available for review.

Oceanit is taking orders for MAMBA for delivery in 2016, making this game-changing technology available for the astronomical community. To place an advance order for MAMBA or for more information, contact us.

  • 24-hour cloud monitoring
  • IR atmospheric transmittance
  • Precipitable water vapor