Oceanit’s Innovation Consulting team impacts clients by improving performance through data-derived insight, state-of-the-art systems, and human-centered problem solving. ‘Questioning’ is a uniquely powerful tool for unlocking value in organizations. We focuses on empowering our clients to ask the right questions; deriving insights not just from data, but user experiences and pain points.

Our core methodology is built upon Design Thinking; human-centered, creative problem solving that provides the “how-to” in order to promote outside-the-box questioning and ideating. Innovation Consulting enables innovation through applied science & technology by identifying clients’ appetite for risk, various pain points, and their demand for change.

Innovation Consulting delivers success and evolution by empowering organizational change; providing relevant and actionable insights that impact people, environment, and business.


We group our expertise and services into three basic categories: Information Insights, Organizational Innovation, and Information Systems.  All three are areas, and the services, within them are built upon our humans-first values – the idea that all systems must first account for users and stakeholders: their needs, pain points, and behaviors as they interact with a system.

Information Insights focuses on providing relevant and actionable information to our customers pull from data, info and systems across an organization. Organizational Innovation examines and defines human needs in realizing organizational change. Information Systems focuses on empowering our clients to collect, process, store, and distribute valuable data and information.