How does expertise in nanotechnology, advanced sensors, and defense merge to deliver disruptive health and therapy innovations?

Oceanit’s work in life sciences encompasses research, development, technology transfer, and commercialization to create breakthrough medical products and devices. Through collaborations with corporate and academic entities, we are positioned to develop innovations for the future. We are many, working as one across disciplines, to help turn science into life-changing solutions.


Oceanit unites science and the power of nanotechnology to develop a portfolio of medical therapeutics & treatments. DERT is an advanced coagulant that is easy to apply and more therapeutically effective than existing hemostatic wound treatments. SwiftSkin is a novel wound dressing therapy that dramatically increases healing rates and is less expensive compared with current hydrogel wound treatments. Super Cool Vest is a revolutionary cooling garment that optimizes heat extraction from the wearer through novel materials and functional design.