EverPel Surface Treatment

Omniphobic surface treatments impart valuable resilience to metallic substrates in corrosive environments, high-pressure/temperature conditions, and adverse weather exposure.

EverPel omniphobic surface treatments are chemically-inert, nanocomposite treatments unlike any other protective coating technology.

These surface treatments are designed to repel water (hydrophobic) & oil-based (oleophobic) fluids, impart chemical & corrosion resistance, and prevent bio-fouling on a variety of substrates via a novel nanotechnology composite treatment.  EverPel surface treatments also lower the surface friction of the coated substrate, reducing drag resistance.

EverPel is also capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures, high pressures, and corrosive environments without deterioration of the surface treatment’s quality.  The surface treatments have high adhesion strength while being abrasion-resistant and can be applied at far lesser thicknesses than epoxies and other industrial coatings. Everpel is two part, water-based and non-VOC, solution which exhibits a long pot life and is non-toxic after curing. It has controllable color properties and air-cures at ambient temperatures.

Oceanit has developed EverPel to be applied in-situ on metallic substrates such as in aviation uses, pipelines, valves, shipping, and on other components without excavation, disassembly, or re-installment.

EverPel’s advanced, superhydrophobic properties, can prevent biofouling to reduce algae and bio-growth on buoys, boats, and other submerged objects; it can increase flow in pipelines with its drag-reducing capabilities; and can be applied to combat corrosive environments.

Download the EverPel product sheet here.

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  • Hydrophobic, oleophobic, anti-corrosion, and anti-biofouling protection at extreme pressure & temperature conditions
  • Water-based, non-VOC and non-toxic after curing
  • Strong adherence & abrasion-resistant, non-insular
  • Requires minimal surface preparation and can be applied to retrofit & repair existing installations
  • Lowers surface friction on treated substrates, reducing drag and increasing flow
  • Air-cures in under 120 minutes at ambient temperatures, 72 hour pot life after mixing
  • Variable thickness, effective at 2mil
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EverPel-Coated Pipe

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