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Oceanit's HeatX Surface Treatment could reduce US carbon emissions by 200 million metric tonnes per year
Oceanit brings together people, process, data, and devices in the Internet of Things to build smart cities
Education on coastal erosion and sustainability is crucial in times of climate change
Nanite™ is a hybrid nanomaterial-based additive, which transforms traditional concrete into an inherently 'smart' concrete with multifunctional sensing properties
Resilient, Sustainable Engineering solutions are crucial to communities and cities around the Pacific region

Oceanit is a Mind to Market company; reimagining innovation to break the bonds of ‘normal’ and solve the impossible. We are a skilled group of scientists, engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs taking fundamental scientific breakthroughs from the lab to real-world applications. Our teams deliver solutions, products, and services to clients across a multitude of diverse industries.

Oceanit practices a proprietary method we call ‘Intellectual Anarchy’ that reimagines how a business can innovate; blending disciplines, cross-pollinating ideas, and delivering human-centered solutions. We want to make an extraordinary impact on our future from an environment where elements of work and play are indistinguishable.

Moving disruptive technology into the market is very difficult for any organization. Oceanit's unique Mind to Market process enables our teams to shepherd technology from research labs to field trials to scalable manufacturing & production. On this journey we practice human-centered Design Thinking to solve problems by understanding customer pain points and arrive at solutions tailored to meet user, organizational, and technical needs.

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Where some may see challenges, we see a world of possibilities. Join us in developing breakthrough technologies to make a difference in the world.