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Powerful solutions for complex problems

Dam Safety/Services Dam Safety/Services
Oceanit has the expertise and a highly qualified team of engineers to help dam owners meet stringent dam safety requirements.
Geospatial Awareness Geospatial Awareness
Spatial analytics add another dimension for understanding data and complex relationships. Oceanit’s Geospatial Awareness services focus on visualizing, modeling, analyzing, and sharing geospatial information. Integrating 3D modeling and mapping with tools such as AutoCAD and 3ds Max (3D Studio Max), we are able to model, animate, and render scientific and engineering scenarios.
EISs & EAs EISs & EAs
Oceanit does a lot of work on projects that require an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or an Environmental Assessment (EA). Oceanit prepares EAs for most of our projects because they are funded by the government, are on government lands, or require a Conservation District Use Permit or a Shoreline Setback Variance that requires an EA.
Dust Monitoring Dust Monitoring
Construction-related dust can result in air pollution, regulatory fines, environmental degradation, legal liabilities, lost productivity, health problems, and safety issues. Oceanit developed a system to monitor dust in accordance with State of Hawaii regulatory requirements. The system includes solar-powered, continuous dust monitors and data recorders which upload real-time data to our website.
AURA is an augmented reality (AR) viewer that provides visual feedback and alerts about objects of interest in a real world environment.
CLUE is a COTS mobile solution providing coalition-level situational awareness for urban military operations.
Healable Nano Paint Healable Nano Paint
Oceanit developed a polymer-based nano material that can heal itself (by exposure to heat in less than 30 seconds) when physically breached/scratched/chipped.
Inspecta™ is Oceanit’s integrated suite of tools designed to improve efficiency of inspections and assist with compliance and safety.
LifeBed by Hoana Medical; LifeBed by Hoana Medical
LifeBed tracks heart and respiratory rates without physical connections, such as wires, to the patient.
MERCI (Mobile Emergency Response & Command Interface) was developed to allow first responders to make quick, accurate assessments following a natural disaster.
Nanite (Smart Concrete Technology) Nanite (Smart Concrete Technology)
Nanite contains a hybrid nanomaterials based additive which transforms traditional concrete into a highly durable and inherently sensing smart concrete with multifunctional properties.
MISER (and Smart Sockets) MISER (and Smart Sockets)
MISER (Oceanit's Wireless Smart Socket System) is an information system that provides real-time monitoring, control and feedback of energy usage.
Design Thinking Design Thinking
Design Thinking is a human-centered design philosophy and PROCESS that readily leads to more creative, innovative and useful products and services.
Life Sciences: Drug Delivery Life Sciences: Drug Delivery
Oceanit is developing novel and revolutionary methods of drug delivery.
Business Process Improvement Business Process Improvement
Oceanit uses a Design Thinking approach to uncover creative IT solutions to difficult problems, effecting change for the better in any organization.
Information Systems: Big Data Information Systems: Big Data
Oceanit uses proprietary tools such as the LAVA (Large data Aggregation, Visualization and Analysis) framework to make sense out of huge amounts of data that are difficult to analyze.
Advanced Materials Advanced Materials
Oceanit specializes in advanced materials and functionalized nanocomposites, including anti-corrosion and anti-biofouling materials.
Computational Physics Computational Physics
By using computational physics, Oceanit can simulate dangerous scenarios safely to determine the best mitigation or solution to a problem.
RF/Radar RF/Radar
Many of Oceanit's projects use RF (radio frequency) and Radar technology in novel ways.
Space Surveillance Space Surveillance
Oceanit is continuously building capability in the space surveillance arena, from synthesizing data from a network of telescopes around the world to advanced daylight observations.
Ecosystem Restoration Ecosystem Restoration
Oceanit’s philosophy behind ecosystem restoration is to be stewards of the environment in a way that is sensitive to the environment and preserves resources for future generations. As engineers and scientists, we build solutions for the betterment of our clients and humankind. We execute this work in a way that is least harmful to the environment or, ideally, is beneficial to it.
Flood Modeling Flood Modeling
With advanced hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, Oceanit assesses floodplains, drainage systems, bridges, and dams, then creates accurate flood models essential in deciding how to best protect our roads, homes, neighborhoods, and cities.
Outfall Monitoring Outfall Monitoring
Oceanit monitored the Honouliuli Wastewater Outfall and concluded that moving it to a 300-foot depth would significantly increase the initial dilution of the wastewater, reduce the possibility of the plume surfacing, and result in a much lower environmental and public health impact.
Scanning Electron Microscope Scanning Electron Microscope
Oceanit has a state-of-the-art Hitachi scanning electron microscope (SEM) with 800,000 times magnification (2 to 3 nm resolution) equipped with an x-ray energy dispersive spectrometer, useful for imaging nanosized features and characterizing the elemental makeup of a sample.
Coastal Erosion Mitigation Coastal Erosion Mitigation
Our coasts are vulnerable to flooding and erosion by high surges, big waves, and strong currents. Coastal erosion mitigation is done in response to erosion and the need for frequent nourishment. In addition to replacing sand, coastal erosion mitigation requires revetments to protect the underlying soil.

Solving today's complex challenges require a new type of organization and approach - multi-disciplinary teams, human-centered problem-solving approaches, combined with the world's best scientists and engineers. At Oceanit, end user insights, along with multiple stakeholder perspectives and capabilities, are applied to solve the world's toughest problems. Oceanit's multi-disciplinary team of engineers, scientists, and human-centered designers have been solving complex problems and delivering breakthrough solutions since 1985.