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Information Systems

Oceanit's Information Systems Group has become a proven source of "value through innovation" for our clients. From untethering plant operators with wireless PDAs to liberating data from legacy systems via the Internet, Oceanit's IS Group understands your technology, new and old, and how to maximize your return on investment.

The Oceanit IS group specializes in providing customized solutions and products ranging from network engineering and cyber security to custom software development. Our areas of expertise includes Information Systems (IS) consulting services and specialized software development including artificial intelligence (AI), big data, business streamlining, community development, custom reporting and analysis, data mining, data visualization, design thinking facilitation, emergency management, Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) selection, geospatial awareness and analysis, mobile application development (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile), social media analytics, and robotics.

Big Data
Big data involves with working and making sense out of large data sets of unstructured information. Oceanit uses proprietary tools such as the LAVA framework to make sense out of huge amounts of data that are difficult to analyze.
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Business Process Imprevement
The purpose of implementing IT solutions is to effect change for the better in an organization. Each organization thinks and operates uniquely and IT solutions need to account for these differences when designing a solution to streamline the business process.
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Geospatial Awareness
Real-world problems occur over time and space. Spatial analytics add another dimension for understanding data and complex relationships. Oceanit’s Geospatial Awareness services focus on visualizing, modeling, analyzing, and sharing geospatial information.
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Mobile Technology
Utilizing a Design Thinking approach to solve problems, Oceanit develops simple, intuitive, and device agnostic interfaces for capturing data in the field.
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Smart Sensing
Leveraging the latest in commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and Oceanit-developed sensors, the Oceanit IS Division integrates sensors to monitor, detect, and alert users about the data being collected. Oceanit software platforms, including mobile solutions, are used to interface and interact with sensors.
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AURA is an augmented reality (AR) viewer that provides visual feedback and alerts about objects of interest in a real world environment.
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CLUE (Coalition Led Urban Enhancement) is a platform technology that integrates features from both MERCI and AURA.
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Like Nanotechnology which has transformed Oceanit's innovation process, Design Thinking is expected to be as transformational because it's a philosophy and a PROCESS that can taught and practiced.
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Inspecta™ is Oceanit's integrated suite of tools designed to improve efficiency and assist with compliance and safety.
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Mobile Emergency Response and Command Interface (MERCI) was developed to allow first responders to make quick, accurate assessments following a natural disaster.
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