IoT/Smart Cities Solutions

The world is on the brink of our next technological revolution, brought about by the convergence of technologies known as the Internet of Things (IoT)

The next generation of connectivity, 5G, is nearly upon us and with it: the Internet of Things (IoT). In the IoT, applications, objects, vehicles, and devices are all connected and collaborative, making these systems collectively smarter and unleashing unprecedented opportunity across many industries. From home maintenance & security to mobility & traffic control, even healthcare and energy will fundamentally change. We will be connected like never before.

By connecting people, process, data, and things to improve the livability of cities and communities, the evolution of 5G is critical to the planning and development of “smart cities” to address urban challenges. Through the application of Design Thinking methodology, Oceanit brings together the components of the IoT — people, process, data, and things — to play specific roles and work together to enable the development of smart cities.

The key is the creative use of new innovations that are emerging within the IoT. Cars will be communicating with one another to drive autonomously, traffic lights will react to influxes of traffic by adapting cycles in real-time, and streets could even adapt by opening lanes in different directions to accomodate the flow. Data will be created everywhere and computers will process and respond to the massive amount of information. For example, sensors and systems that provide smart infrastructure possibilities like Oceanit’s Nanite™, can be incorporated into new and existing infrastructure. Nanite could produce large amounts of data through integrated signal processing and monitoring systems.

While Nanite™ looks and performs like concrete, roadways and bridges made of this material can detect information from the vehicle, such as weight & speed, where the vehicle travels to, how many passengers are on board, and could allow for vehicle autonomy. The sensors in Nanite™ can also provide interactive road technologies, such as dynamic roadway lighting systems for efficient use of energy, traffic & congestion monitoring, weigh-in-motion for overweight trucks, and adaptive speed limits based on the real-time flow of traffic.

Used in other structures, Nanite could deliver data on structural stability, load-bearing, and even degradation, which could allow cities to monitor the ‘health’ of their buildings and infrastucutre. Knowing the dynamic forces that act on a structure could provide valuable insight to parties like building management or a superintendent about how people are using spaces.

Another example is InteliSockets™, patented wireless mesh devices that fit over a standard electrical outlet. Connected through an encrypted network, InteliSockets™ provide secure, real-time monitoring and remote control of every electrical device plugged into a network. With this energy management solution from WattIQ (formerly known as Ibis Networks), companies or organizations can achieve visibility and control over thousands of socket-level electrical devices. By visualizing energy use in real time, one can harness usage data to manage energy consumption and drive efficiency & savings.

In times of natural or manmade disasters, Oceanit’s ePop decentralized communication infrastructure enables the average citizen to make off-grid telephone calls, send text messages, and recharge mobile devices during outages to traditional communications infrastructure. This low-cost communications platform allowes users to keep information & communication flowing to improve public safety and security. ePoP provides an instant emergency communication and power network when cellular and Internet services are down.

As the IoT market continues to expand and 5G connectivity comes closer to reality, Oceanit is actively engaged in creating collaborative partnerships across a range of industries. Corporations searching for a reliable partner with demonstrated success in solutions that are the lifeline of smart cities are finding that Oceanit’s solutions offer unique and nearly limitless opportunities. Please contact us for more information about corporate co-development initiatives.

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