AeroPel NPL Omniphobic Variants

AeroPel omniphobic variants are water-based “Nanocomposite Protective Layers”, or NPL, designed for a variety of aviation applications.

AeroPel™ NPL APW variants are water-based nanocomposite protective layers that impart chemical resistance, corrosion protection, and water- & oil-repellency to coated surfaces. The APW variant family includes:

  • AeroPel™ APW100 Airframe Protection Series
  • AeroPel™ APW200 ECS Protection & Enhancement Series
  • AeroPel™ APW300 Fuel Tank Protection Series

AeroPel NPL was developed and tested for use in the aviation sector to protect various components exposed to severe and corrosive conditions. The dual effect of arresting existing corrosion as well as acting as a passivating barrier to further corrosion or chemical attack. AeroPel’s superior tribological wear-resistance, water repellency, and oil-repellency, provides long-term protection against rust and corrosion on any coated surface.

AeroPel NPL APW variants are water-based nanocomposites that cure rapidly after application to create a corrosion-resistant topcoat and omniphobic surface. The low-surface-energy, omniphobic nature has inherent hydro- and oleo-phobic properties. After mixing, AeroPel NPL has a pot life of over 72 hours yet can air-cure in under two hours once applied and is effective at thicknesses of <2mil.

AeroPel NPL APW variants have been tested in several aviation trials in consultation with Boeing and multiple US commercial airline operators. Tests were conducted over many months in environments known for harsh corrosive conditions, including Guam and Hawaii. AeroPel NPL was shown to significantly improve galvanic, atmospheric corrosion resistance when compared with industry standard CICs and non-coated areas.

In these trials, various components such as horizontal stabilizer, leading edge, fasteners, and brass bolt/aluminum air-frame interfaces were coated and monitored during standard periodic flight maintenance checks over 8+ months. AeroPel NPL demonstrated the capability to completely prevent galvanic corrosion specially in brass/aluminum/ steel interfaces. AeroPel NPL APW variants can be applied with dip, paint, spray, or flushing in-situ processes to metallic, ceramic, and polymer substrates.

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Key Benefits

  • Creates a low-friction topcoat that imparts abrasian, erosion & corrosion
    resistance, even when applied in very thin layers (<2 mil)
  • Is water based, non-VOC, non-biocidal, and non-toxic
  • Is non-insular (transfers heat), has strong substrate adhesion
  • Functions under extreme pressures & temperatures
  • Has controllable color, a pot life of 72+ hours after mixing, and air-cures
    in under two hours
  • Multi-functional properties can be applied to various metallic and coated
    surfaces with minimal surface preparation
Aluminum corrosion on aircraft doesn’t initially produce reddish rust color. It first shows as a whitish or gray “dulling” of the aluminum surface.
aeropel aircraft corrosion
Aircraft corrosion progresses to increasingly severe pitting and eventual destruction of the metal. Left untreated, corrosion can make an aircraft unairworthy in just a few years.