IT’S FINALLY TIME FOR HYDROGEN – A Rapid Decarbonization Strategy

Hydrogen is Finally Having its Moment By Dr. Vinod Veedu

EDGE, Energy

An article by Oceanit’s Dr. Vinod Veedu about the potentials of Hydrogen was recently featured in the energy sector publication, Shale Magazine. Hydrogen, or H2, is the first box in the periodic table of elements and is estimated to constitute…

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IN THE NEWS | Hydrogen Blending Can Reduce CO2 Emissions

EDGE, In the News

Pittsburgh, PA February 14, 2023 | In a recent article, Hydrogen Fuel News spoke to AES Corporation CEO, Andrés Gluski on how the global energy transition can make tangible progress via the blending of hydrogen (H2) with natural gas.  Gulski…

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Hydrogen Engineering Challenges II: Pipeline Infrastructure Event by Darcy Partners

Oceanit Dr. Vinod Veedu will join a Darcy Partners panel event on Tuesday, February 14, 2023: Hydrogen Engineering Challenges II: Pipeline Infrastructure. As Hydrogen energy projects move further into development as part of a global energy transformation, technology solutions are…

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