Altino Summer Cohorts 2019 – On Our Way to 5k

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Since 2016, Oceanit has been working continuously towards the goal of training 5000 non-technical teachers to use coding in their classrooms. We are using the Altino coding system to increase coding language fluency and promote computer science education across the state. By training teachers, and helping them to build non-STEM curriculum around coding, we hope exponentially extend the reach of computer science in our state’s schools.

After our 2018 Altino summer cohorts wrapped up and the school year began again, our momentum has continued with frequent Altino workshops, both open-invitation hosted by Oceanit and privately for specific school and workgroups.

In the final weeks of 2018, Altino gained traction in events such as the Windward PBA Science Fair, Onizuka Day of Exploration, STEMFest, and more. In February of 2019, the founder of Altino and a group of award winning Korean Altino students visited Oahu to teach Altino to their Hawaiian peers and explore the international opportunities that coding and computer science provide.

As we progress towards the summer cohorts planned for 2019, more Oceanit Ohana are being trained as teachers and ambassadors of Altino coding education.  Altino is also being spread at events focused on computer science at the state legislature and for Hawai’i public school administrators.

It’s a whirlwind of programming and there’s no sign of stopping- including our popular public events with limited seating. Attend the next dive into innovation in education, and see what Altino can do for everyone, both old and young!

Our next scheduled Altino events are for teacher accreditation; click for details on the 3 day Honolulu Altino event and Kapolei event specifically for teacher accrediation and professional development.

Click here for calendar information including upcoming public Altino trainings.

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