Dr. Mike Foley Discusses Coastal Concerns on ThinkTech Hawaii

mikefoley thinktech hawaii

Oceanit’s coastal engineer, Dr. Mike Foley, was on ThinkTech Hawaii to discuss the complexities of measuring coastlines, and the cutting edge technologies used to address growing environmental issues. 

“Every beach has a story to tell,” says Dr. Foley, “and we’re just starting to scratch the surface in really writing the story, really reading the story. [The coastline] is the interface between the ocean and the land. It’s where a balance, an equilibrium happens every day.”

Mr. Foley is a Civil and Environmental Engineer with over 10 years of experience in engineering analysis and design services as well as environmental assessment and monitoring projects. His specialties include hydraulic and hydrologic analysis and design, coastal engineering and environmental planning and permitting.

Source: “Coasts, Concerns, and Creativity” by ThinkTech Hawaii.