Get Your Feet Wet with Oceanit’s Solution to Quickly Dry Garments


April showers often bring May flowers, but may also carry the possibility of wet shoes and clothing. This can be an annoying situation, but also debilitating and even dangerous in prolonged situations and extreme conditions. Wet, squishy shoes and socks aren’t just uncomfortable to wear, but are also a major cause of sores, blisters, skin infections, and various foot disorders. Add in cold temperatures and wet footwear can increase body heat loss, resulting in cold injuries such as hypothermia and frost bite. In addition, if wet apparel doesn’t dry promptly, mildew can grow and cause considerable damage to the item by leaving a musty odor, discoloring fabrics, or eating into the fabric causing the material to disintegrate.

Oceanit has developed a patent pending manufacturing process to effectively dry garments overnight without power or heat. DrySAF is a low-cost nanomaterial that is easy to use, disposable, and superabsorbent based on a scalable nanotechnology manufacturing process developed by Oceanit. A pair of wet boots can require up to 6 days to air dry; but with this innovative technology, the drying time is reduced to 6 hours. This solution can also be applied to other applications where rapid liquid absorption is desired.

For more information about DrySAF, contact Oceanit by telephone at (808) 531-3017 or via e-mail at [email protected].