Aliomanu Road Repair

Aliomanu Road, which runs along the Anahola Bay shoreline on the island of Kauai, was damaged by a decade of wave action inlcuding a barrage from Hurricane Iniki. Portions of the road collapsed, making the road unsafe for vehicles. Temporary emergency repairs were made by placing coir sandbags to stabilize the shoreline. Barriers were erected and only one-lane traffic was possible. The road is the only access for residents living just to the north along the coast, and it is also the only access for emergency vehicles.

Permanent road repairs and bank stabilization were planned and designed. Oceanit monitored the quality of Anahola Bay waters to assess changes to the receiving waters caused by placing the sandbags. The sandbags were filled with sand from a nearby beach berm at the Anahola Stream mouth. Turbidity was monitored pre, during, and post-construction. Turbidity can sometimes be observed as well as measured and is a good indicator of BMP (Best Management Practices) effectiveness.

Oceanit provided engineering design services for the sandbag emergency repair and designed a protective rock revetment and road repair for Aliomanu Road. These tasks included: 1) site inspection, evaluation and recommendations; 2) preparation of emergency plans and permits for immediate temporary measures; 3) preparation of road repair and shore protection design; 4) preparation of bid package; 5) preparation of permits required for construction; 6) preparation of environmental assessment; and 7) construction support services when required.


An early-stage town hall meeting where Oceanit and local governement discussed options and repair planning