IN THE NEWS | Oceanit in the Philippines at the Asian Development Bank


Oceanit was back in Manila during the week of March 25th, 2019 to attend this year’s Asian Development Bank (ADB) Business Opportunities Fair.

Sterling Yee, Oceanit’s Director of Strategic Consulting, was joined by Dr. Michael Foley at the event and together, they hosted a workshop focused on engineering coastal resilience through sustainable practices.

The ADB Business Opportunities Fair (BOF) is a central forum for consultants, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and civil society organizations seeking to deliver work and services for ADB projects across Southeast Asia. Sterling Yee has been spearheading Oceanit’s efforts to build relationships in the region by sharing the mission and capabilities of Oceanit’s Resilient Sustainable Engineering (RiSE) team, along with introducing disruptive technologies that Oceanit’s Science & Technology group is bringing from mind to market.

Sterling’s longstanding rapport with ADB officials and industry leaders led to the opportunity for Oceanit to host a luncheon presentation on coastal engineering. During the event, Dr. Foley emphasized the need for influential organizations to work together in order to most effectively apply novel solutions to solve rapidly-approaching environmental crisis situations. Attendees, including leaders in urban development, water resources, climate change, and environmental sustainability, joined Sterling and Michael to discuss what future partnerships, collaborations, and agreements can be put into place to streamline our collective ability to distribute information that helps the global community.

Dr. Foley’s presentation also highlighted the uniqueness of Oceanit as a company, from both an organizational and technological standpoint. iBeach, computer vision, machine learning, our multiple nanocoatings, and the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles were all explored within the context of real-life Oceanit projects. Attendees saw actual examples of our work in wave and current tracking, environmental assessment, permitting and construction, water and chemical engineering, and more on a scale from private property to multibillion dollar facilities. The unique cross-pollination and transdisiplinary process that Oceanit uses to develop new innovations was also touched on, emphasizing our desire to deliver disruptive innovation to help benefit the communities that we are all a part of. adb2

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