Ian Kitajima talks Aloha AI and Hawaii State Public Libraries

IN THE NEWS | Artificial Intelligence & the Hawaii State Public Library System

Did you know that the Hawaii State Public Library System is the only statewide library system in the entire United States? After Hawaii became a state in 1959, the Hawaii State Legislature pulled together all the county libraries and established

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IN THE NEWS | HANDS, Space Debris, and Scientific Success

It's no secret that cutting edge science is expensive and risky. Often, only brave and innovative companies are willing to take on the uncertainty of developing a technology that may not always have a clear path to profitable, commercial enterprise. This isRead more
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IN THE NEWS | Oceanit Featured in the Dept. of Defense SBIR Success Stories 2019

Oceanit was honored to be included in the 2019 class of SBIR Success Stories for our project, called 'High Accuracy Network Determination System', or HANDS. The project was built as a global surveillance network to track orbiting satellites, debris, andRead more
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IN THE NEWS | Nanite Smart Sensing Cement Wins Award at ICWIM8 in Prague

What if the roads we drive on were sensors for an interconnected, smart city? Nanite™ turns the road itself into the sensor, enabling real-time technologies such as traffic & congestion monitoring, adaptive speed limits based on the real-time flow ofRead more
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IN THE NEWS | Oceanit Mind to Market Technology Showcase 2019

Oceanit was in Houston during early May for the Offshore Technology Conference 2019 and to host our own Mind to Market Technology Showcase at Oceanit's Houston offices. Ten of Oceanit's Ohana traveled to Houston to welcome almost 100 partners, customers,Read more
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IN THE NEWS | Harvest Vision AI on Geek Beat with Hawaii News Now

Ryan Ozawa and Burt Lum from Hawaii Public Radio's ByteMarks show visited Hawaii News Now to talk about the latest in AI hardware technology. They spoke about Google's AIY camera, Amazon's Deeplens camera, and Oceanit's Harvest Vision AI prototype camera.Read more
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Oceanit uses AI Chip Innovation to Win Hawaii’s First Annual ‘AGathon’

On January 13th, the ‘Harvest Vision’ team took first place in Hawaii’s first ever agriculture-tech hackathon: AGathon. Oceanit teamed up with Kauai Coffee Company and Kamehameha Schools to develop an innovation that can ‘see’ the ripeness of coffee cherries utilizingRead more
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IN THE NEWS | Oceanit Awarded Patent for Camera Enabling Daytime Satellite Observation

Oceanit received a patent for a novel surveillance sensor capable of tracking satellites in deep space during the day and night.

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NANITE™—Technology Making Your Commute Home Safer

After years of wear and tear, potholes in our roads are one of the most noticeable signs of infrastructure damage. Whether they are along the highway or in residential areas, potholes not only damage vehicles, but are expensive to repair.Read more
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See the Cockpit of the Future at the 2016 Paris Motor Show

Imagine a connected, adaptable, and predictive driving experience coupled with a strong focus on safety, well-being, and comfort. The automobile industry is undergoing a technological revolution focused on enhancing the well-being of drivers and their driving experience. Hoana Medical, Inc.,Read more